Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lill photographing Bull Sharks!

Great pic - and now you know where and how it was taken!

This is way cool, check it out.

The location is obviously the SRMR.
This is the lower pit is in 25m that we use as an alternative to the usual location in 15m. We go there in the off season when the Bulls are extremely shy, when there's too much surge and also, when the theromcline with the clear water is deep like after a lot of rain.

Great pics and surprisingly good footage, well done!
Despite being one of the dreaded semi-professional uw photogs (would you ever consult a semi-professional lawyer or MD?), Lill is really one of us and is thus sitting in the hot spot, very much with a bodyguard at her side - so don't get any ideas here, it's simply not gonna happen!
Just saying!

Enjoy Lill's video!


(Tiger)Lily said...

Beautiful spot, the 25 meter pit - it was really great diving there again! Yes, this is the work of an absolutely unprofessional videographer - BUT hmpffff..."semi-professional photographer"??! And that must be the reason why I got a "semi-professional" bodyguard, who claimed to be hiding behind me : ) Which worked surprisingly well, btw - thanks James!

DaShark said...

... who was hiding behind you - and screaming like a girl!
I was there and can attest to it!

But hey, that's what you get when yer a "semi" - full pros obviously get fully professional treatment!