Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taiwan and Spain - again!

Albacora Uno - habitual Spanish poacher.

Read this.

Same old same old.
After having annihilated their own Fish stocks, Taiwanese and Spanish distant water vessels are now poaching in the Pacific - and not only them and not only there!

But in the end, it's also our fault.
For some reason I shall never quite comprehend, those nations are given a seat and alas, also a vote within the local RFMOS where they successfully prevent any sensible management measures, like at the last catastrophic meeting of the IATTC. And what is even worse, they are then even accorded fishing licenses where they then proceed to reap and pillage like they have always done, and this very much at the expense of the local fishing industry (and here!).

Huge kudos to the Marshals for having caught them red-handed.
And yes, They are protecting sharks and don't even have a reality TV show!!!

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