Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fiji - Sharks on FBC!

Bull Shark in the SRMR - hopefully soon protected throughout Fiji.

Please tune in to the following.

From the GoldFM website (links are mine).
  • Speak Your Mind, with Wame Valentine.
  • When: Thursday July 19th at 12pm
  • Every year an alarming forty million sharks are slaughtered for their fins. On the show this week is Fisheries Director as well as a Marshall Islands senator instrumental in creating the world’s largest shark sanctuary in the Marshalls.
    Should Fiji follow the Marshalls lead? Should we ban trade in shark products and commercial shark fishing throughout our waters? Tune in on Thursday to find out!
The show airs live on Gold FM (100.2 FM), live online around the world on and delayed on FBC TV every Tuesday nights at 10.30.


Matt Rand said...

Good luck with everything. I have been watching and commenting from time to time. by the way did you see this one:

DaShark said...

Matt! :)

Great hearing from you, I hope life's treating you well!

Yes I saw that, quickly linked to it a couple of posts back! Shocking!

But of course right now the main concern is the Sanctuary.
I'm sure you know about that dumb megalomaniac bimbo running her mouth about stuff she knows nothing about, from Fiji, on a tourist visa.
Sigh - always something.