Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July: Fijian Bull Sharks!

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The SOSF has posted its July Calender and guess what, these are our Sharks, photographed from the exact same spot where we placed Lill! Needless to say that not being one of the dreaded semis but a full-time pro, Peter Verhoog was awarded full honors - and no, his bodyguard did not scream like a girl, either!

Having said that, there was plenty to body guard!
The viz was absolutely dreadful, meaning that the Sharks were frisky and in yer face - very much to the delight of Peter but very much not to that of Tubee! BTW, this is a major cleanup job in Photoshop, so kudos to the photographer for both, the pic and the post production!

Do you like it?
If so, you can download it in lowest resolution from the top, or there are much higher resolution versions available here, along with the past months. And you can check out many more pics from the SRMR right here - stellar stuff!

Peter: Hartelijk bedankt!


Anonymous said...

Where would you place Erich Ritter on a shark feed?

And would you bother with a bodyguard?

DaShark said...

Hmmm - provocation provocation!

Let me put it this way: the way Ritter has been feeding Sharks got nothing to do with what we do, so we'd prefer not to have him on our dive.