Saturday, July 28, 2012

Smokin' hot!

Busy - click for detail!

This has been a crazy year.
First two floods, one of them catastrophic, then a spate of torrential rain that has inundated the reef and ruined the viz for weeks on end and now it is cold cold cold! Poor Shark Reef is currently suffering from the aftermath of that deluge of fresh water, meaning that several big Acropra have succumbed to the stress and that some sand patches are covered in brown algae, something that is particularly unusual during the cold season and a clear sign of eutrophication.

And the Sharks?
Difficult question as it has been difficult counting them!
Let's say that it has been very much up and down, with maximum numbers to be likely substantially off last year's record in June. But worry not: everybody is accounted for - just not in bulk!

But as always, it ain't over til the fat lady sings.
The very end of today's second dive was nothing short of epic, with stellar viz and heaps upon heaps of animals - still uncharacteristically skittish but definitely very interested! So here's to everything being late and to this being the beginning of the arribada!

It better be.
We're expecting somebody shortly, and later this month, we'll be hosting a rather epic shoot - and we sure don't want to disappoint either of them!

Fingers crossed and keep watching this space!

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