Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shark Reef for 4 Bucks?

Yes that would be Scarface - and behold the boat in the background!

Just got this message from Timbo.

Look at your Fiji books.
Now people can buy either as an e-book for under $4 - note the option for iPad - iPhone version.

Is that cool, or what!
You can read more about he luxurious coffee table book here, and here is the post about the monograph on Shark Reef - and may I add that I'm posting this right in time for Christmas, hint hint!

And since we're at it.
Timbo has spent the last two years documenting the marine parks of his home island Guam and the result is now finally for sale on Amazon or once again as an e-book and app. Yes I know everybody makes this claim - but I know for a fact that compiling Hidden Treasures, Guam's Amazing Marine Preserves has truly been Timbo's proverbial labor of love requiring countless dives squeezed in amid the ever busy schedule of a globe trotting underwater photographer.

And there's even a Sharky aspect!
Guam as you (should) know is a Shark Sanctuary, and this very much also thanks to Timbo who has quietly assisted his long term friend Stef and Pew in making this happen. Timbo now tells me that Tumon has a Blacktip Reef Shark nursery and Sasa, one for (Scalloped?) Hammerheads, the latter very much in line with Fiji's major estuaries, and thus the future for Guam's Sharks looks rather bright!

Here is the preview and you can purchase the e-book and app right here.

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