Monday, December 19, 2011

Butch is as Butch does!

Yes that would be an endangered Great Hammerhead.

Apparently, that's the boat of Shark killer Mark Quartiano.
Apparently, that woman is Rosie O'Donnell - having FUN with the kids!

As in, and I cite.

ROSIE, music, merriment, celebrities, games, laughter and fun!!!!
The Rosie Show is all of this and more!! Are you the life of the party? Do you light up the room with your energy? Are you always known to turn a frown upside down? Do you just LOVE to have FUN??? The Rosie Show wants you to make us smile and show us how fun you are!!!



OfficetoOcean said...

Said on Twitter the other day that "it wasn't endangered when we caught it"


DaShark said...

Yup, and when they caught it, it wasn't dead, either!

And, it sure dovetails beautifully with the values of the Oprah Winfrey Network - especially when it comes to teaching the correct family values to the kids!

Megan Murray said...

Love this blog and have really enjoyed it for quite some time. I'm a major proponent of shark conservation and find the story really upsetting. I've never been much of a fan of Rosie O'Donnell, and this underscores some major, dangerous ignorance. I'm glad you've pointed our her behavior and it's terrible ramifications.

I have to ask however, what did you mean in the title of this post? Is 'butch' in this sense a generalized derogatory term against gay women? Is the butch part killing endangered animals? Would be grateful for a little more on what this means. I'm not fond of making assumptions about intent, but I would like to know more about where you're coming from with the title. I'm not seeing the correlation.

DaShark said...

Butch : manlike or masculine in appearance or behavior, typically aggressively or ostentatiously so.

So, it turns out that she's gay.

Guess I could have spared myself the controversy by calling her hypocritical fat fuck or the like huh!

Anyway, no, no homophobia here!

As for her being merely dangerously ignorant, I beg to differ.
I believe that people who kill animals for FUN are lacking the most basic tenets of decency and humanity - and this regardless of whether or not the animals are endangered.

Anonymous said...

Erik Brush is telling people that they are not allowed to make offers to help Rosie see the light and that it is his campaign and everyone has to go through him if they want to contact Rosie. Supposedly some conservationists and divers have offered to bring Rosie on an excursion to experience sharks while they are alive as opposed to dead, but Mr. Brush is telling everyone to back off. This is his thing and no one is going to steal his thunder. Has Mr. Brush actually done any diving with sharks? Because I don't think he has. I think the extent of his knowledge is the jewelry he makes.

DaShark said...

Who cares - the guy is mental and as Patric says, he and his acolytes are nothing but a bunch of rabid and misguided shark conservation loons latching on to this ridiculous story with the ferocity of a ragged street dog in Latin America who has found something rancid in the gutter to eat.

I wouldn't have posted this had I known that it would have evolved into this pathetic shit - but having done so, I'm gonna keep it up as it perfectly illustrates the total hypocrisy of that woman.