Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Pelagic Life - nice Video!

A Longfin Mako?

I like this video.
It's about the gang from Pelagic Life convincing some Mexican Shark fishermen to sell them the Sharks, and then setting them free.

Pelagic Life is the home of Rodrigo Friscione who took those pics of that Mako.
Following convincing statements to the contrary and after having seen a mind-boggling video of what is undoubtedly a Longfin Mako (what a BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING animal!), I'm frankly less sure that Ricardo's pics are what they are purported to be - you can check them out here.

But then again, who knows - opinions?

Anyway - enjoy!

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JSD said...

I agree - when I first saw those pics I thought it was a good sized shortfin mako (from photos 1 and 3) and now we see the video of a true longfin mako the difference is apparent - it has pecs reminiscent of a blue shark or oceanic whitetip in length.