Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marc Montocchio - Guadalupe!

Fear never entered my mind.

My first feelings were that of awe.
I realized that what I wanted to shoot was right in front of me, not the gnashing teeth or the distended feeding jaws. It was her force of presence that impressed me more than anything else. Here was this living thing that projected such a feeling of strength and power without even opening its mouth. I couldn’t help but draw an instant parallel to photographing alpha male lions in Africa. With a single look at the camera, those massive thick-maned beasts can radiate such a feeling of control doing nothing more than sitting in one spot. The same was true for the great white. She came within a few feet of the cage with as much effort as it would’ve taken me to form a benign thought. The sunlight rippled across her gray sandy back like the spotlight reserved for a great queen or empress. Her right eye looking straight at me she was simultaneously acknowledging my presence and assessing my place in the world that surrounded her.

Nice blog post and of course, great pics!


Anonymous said...

Nice pic...but that's a male!

DaShark said...

Well spotted! :)

If you explore the link, Mark saw several Sharks!