Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Week with Cristina!

Total serendipity!
We're finally ready to announce Cristina's two trips and it just so happens that today is her birthday! From all of us here at BAD, tantissime bellissime cose, salute e soprattutto Felicità!

What can I say about Cristina that hasn't been said already.
Yes she really is the First Lady of commercial Shark Diving - and together with her new friend Rusi with whom she shares a deep, intuitive understanding, love and respect of the animals, she is also probably the best Shark handler on the planet. Being who they are, people who do things out of passion and not for fame, they would obviously balk at the notion - but if ever there were two people truly deserving the attribute of Shark Whisperer, it would be them, not the legion of self promoting wannabees out there!
Please don't tell her I said so, but all of us here really do like and admire her very much - professionally but very much also as a beautiful human being!

We are honored that Cristina has decided to come visit us again in 2012 - and you can join her for an exciting week of Shark diving and Shark education!
You can find all relevant details here and I hope that you will agree that this an experience any lover of Sharks can simply not afford to miss! One caveat however: as always, this is not about the adrenaline and what has been called extreme Shark diving. It is about learning about the animals and witnessing respectful Shark-human interactions, also by Cristina who is the only person we have ever trusted to do so with our Sharks - but again, do not expect to see her experimenting with tonic on the Bulls!

This is prime Bull Shark season and space is limited. Really!
Total numbers on our dive are strictly limited and we already have other bookings, so please, do book early in order to avoid disappointments!

See you in May!


The Sharkman said...

This is a tour not to be missed for many reasons. If only I could join. I'll be thinking of you.


Anonymous said...

Was there in 2004 at Beqa and I saw face to face Big mama and Hooked! There was 7 bull sharks, many black tips!!! 25 total
If you want to piss in your suit, this is the place!

Marine photographer & tour guide

DaShark said...

Interesting! :)

But you're right, in 2004, 7 Bulls would have been a good day!

Nowadays, a good day is 70-80 - incidentally the exact opposite of the global trend where Shark numbers are collapsing everywhere!