Friday, December 16, 2011

Lill - excellent!

Just stumbled across the above picture.
It's the winner of the Coldwater category of the 2011 Ocean Art Photo Competition - and quite unsurprisingly, the prize-winning photographer is none other than Lill Haugen, our one and only Viking BAD Girl!
Great pic, the more as it even features a veritable Snell's window!

Complete competition results here.

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(Tiger)Lily said...

Thanks! It is quite satisfying to see a photo from the saddest, murkiest and coldest fjord in Norway do WELL in a competition - this must have been a good day (and indeed it was, if you don’t mind the minus 2 degrees in the water :) See you soon’ish in Fiji, will definitely do a “Bull-Snells” next time I visit you guys on Shark Reef! : )Lill