Monday, October 31, 2011

7 Billion - how scary is that!

I'm apparently # 2,763,421,221.

Depending on where you start counting, it has taken man between 2.5 million and 160,000 years to get to that number.
It has only taken slightly more than 56 years to more than double it.
Yes, read that again!

Sorry TNC, I cannot see anything good in that.
And to top it off - Ecological Footprint anybody?

PS: simply BRILLIANT by Patric here.
BUT, buddy - yer precisely 53,227,618 too late so stop the chest beating & start becoming part of the solution!
Chop chop!


BeachNomad said...

wow you're old.. I'm only #4,745,910,659



DaShark said...

That wud make you one of 1,982,489,438 too many!

BeachNomad said...

See if I ever come back to Fiji with talk like that!

Gonna stop by New Orleans on your way to/from DEMA this year?


DaShark said...

Nah, just too far out of the way!

But, u cud stop by our booth at DEMA - plenty 2c, plenty of people to meet...