Friday, October 28, 2011

Shark Dances!

Bull Shark - by none other than the great Dr. Hammerschlag himself!

Great stuff!
For the countless fans of David's dazzling footwork, here's a longer clip of his beautifully choreographed Bull Shark dance, along with excerpts from several more species-specific routines that are quite obviously still in their early production stages - but certainly getting there!
Still eagerly awaiting a glimpse of the Thresher Shark dance tho!

Seriously, big kudos to Christine!
This instant follow up was seriously smart - and yes, kudos to Neil and to David, too! :)
I must say, this whole RDJ venture is simply stellar outreach and I invite everybody to go and explore the sheer scope and depth of that website. If ever there was a question about how to best communicate science and to fascinate and activate the public at large, let there be no doubt that this is how you do it!

And without further ado!

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