Friday, October 14, 2011

Karen Berger on Pac Harbour Shark Diving!

Predators on Shark Reef. Epic pic by Timbo!

Meet Karen.
She's been here a short while ago and has posted her experience on Suite 101.

I must say, it's quite a nice piece.
Being the journo she is, Karen had of course to dwell on the usual controversy about Shark feeding etc, the more as she obviously had a rather bad experience in Bora Bora. Quite frankly, I'm rather bored with the old tired allegations that are increasingly being dismantled by peer reviewed scientific publications, the last one of which a rather epic upcoming paper by Juerg.

But, I'll concede this.
What most of the critics fail to catch on to, is that baited Shark diving is neither good nor bad. It can be either, and this both for the animals and the divers, based on how it's being done - and there are plenty of places where the protocols are unequivocally faulty, making those reckless, stupid and dangerous undertakings.
No, no links this time! :)

Thankfully, according to Karen, Fiji is not one of them.
So, what are you waiting for! :)

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