Tuesday, November 01, 2011

DEMA 2011!

Illustration from this article - worth reading!

So, it's off to DEMA once again.
This being Orlando, no Champagne and Tartufi d'Alba like in Vegas.
, there's the fabulous Charley's and I shall be indulging in my yearly dietary dose of ginormous in-bone ribeyes and cream spinach - oh, and in good conversations, too!

The crystal ball?
And I cite - 2008

This sure aint anything like the .com bubble.
The newly crowned messiah has got his work cut out for him and nobody should be fooled by some great sound bites and a couple of dead cat bounces on Wall Street: it's gonna be long and it's gonna be ugly.

Boy, talk about the understatement of the year!
Yes, it continues to be bloody tough and the traditional client base is continuing to shrink, meaning that I fully expect the industry to still be in full make-over mode - which is a good thing!
Those who like us continue to evolve are doing just great, thank you - and in our specific case, operating in the ever more sexy Shark diving niche has certainly been the place to be!
So by all means, let's all continue to evolve!

Anyway, more if and when we meet - booth 567!
As always, we're already mulling the next big Shark conservation initiative and this DEMA will be the perfect place to network and to lay the groundwork for an early roll-out in 2012.
See 'ya real soon!


Unknown said...

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow Mike, am flying solo this year.

DaShark said...

Same here, neighbor! :)
Via NZ or Fiji?

Unknown said...

already here, had a few days in NC with Paul first, have a safe flight xx

Angelo Villagomez said...

Landing around noon on Thursday. See you at dinner.