Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bull Shark Dance!

Hammerhead! from the R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program blog

What was I thinking!
Now that I see it, it was always clear that David would not engage in just any Shark dance but develop beautifully choreographed species-specific routines instead - and not only that, they are being subjected to instant peer review by none other than Dr. Hammerschlag himself, as it should be!
Now that I can see where this is leading, I can quite picture the routine for Hammerheads, see above, and maybe even that for Tigers - but I must confess that I can't wait to see the Thresher Shark dance!

I must say, I am deeply impressed!
Kudos for having had the vision of bonding exquisite artistic expression with research, conservation and outreach. This is smart, inclusive and eminently entertaining - and it works!

David in snazzy Floridian attire at 00:16.
Absolutely adore the flowery shorts - but where are the de rigueur orange Crocs?



WhySharksMatter said...

Those shorts were the only thing within 8 inches of my waist size in the WalMart by my house. The fact that they're awesome is just a bonus.

Anonymous said...

And a nice video compilation of the team's shark dances...

DaShark said...

Exquisite fashion sense plus parsimony - it doesn't get much better than that!

Now, about those Crocs - for Research Assistant Professors only?