Sunday, October 23, 2011

Australia - kill those Great Whites!

Australia - back to the 50ies

Well, what can I say.
There has been another fatal Shark attack off Perth and it very much looks like the authorities have resolved to order a Shark cull.
It will achieve nothing - but it will likely placate the public and be the lesser evil when compared to other measures like anti-Shark legislation. No don't get me wrong, I hate it - but with people like this idiot stirring the pot, some kind of a political knee-jerk reaction was all but inevitable.
Talk about a timely post by Patric!

Anyway, not good and very much q.e.d.- alas!

PS much the same, much less polite here.


Sam said...

With 18 recorded attacks in Western Australia since the early 1800's and with all the information gathered by the CSIRO Great White researchers it never ceases to amaze. White sharks travel the coast and do around 3 k's an hour or around 80k's a day and satellite and acoustic tracking has the white sharks generally following a generalised pattern from South Australia and around to Exmouth in WA (and in some cases across to South Africa). A cull would effect other parts of the world not just WA. - By definition there cannot be a cull as the white shark is an IUCN threatened species with a recovery plan and until the status of the white shark has been deemed to be recovered in scientific terms, it cannot be culled. We do not know the current status or population count of the white sharks. Any reference to culling is a reactionary retallitory response and cannot be considered without more research and data collection. There is no doubt that humans are taking over the planet, white sharks are natural apex predators helping to balance the health of the oceans that we are polluting and destroying!. And really does the world really need another Vic Hislop!!!!

Sam said...

Further to the last I understand the latest reports indicate the diver was alone and spear fishing. Whilst any loss of life is tragic I feel there are basic precautions people can take to not increase the likelihood of an encounter.

DaShark said...

Amen to that, brother!

Anonymous said...