Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sea Stewards - really?

Check out the credentials of the Sea Stewards.
Impressive, huh?

But then, I read this

Apex predators, sharks are at the top of the oceans’ food chain, and once removed, all of the oceans species will fall like a house of cards. With scientists estimating 34 % of the world’s sharks already extinct, and up to 99% of species decimated, we may be the generation that is responsible for killing off a species that has been in existence for over 450 million years.

  • Not all Sharks are apex predators
  • The assertion that the removal of Sharks will lead to the collapse of all of the oceans (sic) species is just plain ludicrous and supported by zero research
  • Not a single species of Shark has been documented to have gone extinct since the advent of man
  • up to 99% (of what - the remaining 66%?) decimated? I wish! Decimate from Latin decimare, to kill one in ten. Didn't even get that one right...
And so it goes...


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Mike, it's the Sea Shepherd art of conservation. Inflate everything by a factor of 10, fake, misguide, or flat out lie about salient facts, and hope out of that toxic brew something works.

Mind you Sea Stewards did lead the charge to get California Fin Free, so there's a method to the madness.

Not my cuppa conservation but it works for some.

Wishing that conservationists would act in a manner that makes sense without gut wrenching spasms of reactionary clap trap or adhering to normal sensibilities is like trying to herd cats on the Interstate.

Cats that are on fire.

Good luck.

Angelo Villagomez said...