Monday, June 07, 2010

It's a Wrap!

That's Sivo in the foreground! Pic by Lori Bachelor-Smith

Check out PADI's brand new Dive Master DVD!

Entirely shot in Fiji, it'll be a testament to the beauty of the Beqa Lagoon region - and hopefully, to the acting talent of our own Sivo and Silio!

The crew headed by Director/Producer Dawn Azua were here for a full two weeks and I can unequivocally state that a) never have I seen anybody work harder, and b) never has a film shoot been more pleasant and easier on us! This was 100% professional, meticulously planned and flawlessly executed - and always with a smile!
I am impressed!

Special thanks to my friend Lori and a special "hi" to Tom!
Can't wait to see the thing!


RTSea said...

Glad you all had a good time! FYI: Lori was my OWSI instructor at Lahaina Divers many years ago when the earth was still cooling. Good people.

Anonymous said...

Well done, guys!