Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Important Stuff by Neil!

One more post about Shark research!
The Dorsal Fin
alerts me to this video featuring Dr. Neil Hammerschlag.

Story here.
Neil comes across as being an impressive guy doing impressive things.
He popped up on my radar when I reported about the senseless killing of pregnant Sharks in Florida and I have since followed his research blog and had a peek at his website. From what I can discern, he operates very much at the cutting edge of science and technology, is respectful of the animals and is passionate about conservation - exactly the way I believe modern researchers need to be!
Very well done indeed!


Diving Discoveries said...

Sharks are key species, so it only makes sense that we should worry about how the oil will affect them.
Cool read, thanks!

Robert said...

Neil is very impressive.
We have joined him a few times for some shark tagging and he has some great ideas and the passion to get a lot of things done regarding research and protection.
Neil is young but he is leading the way in many respects and we will be hearing a lot more from him.

Thanks for showing this, DaShark.