Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Russian Heroes!

This is really as good as it gets! Click on all pics to enlarge

Bless Babelfish and its Russian to English translations!

Many people have described the Fiji Shark Dive – but our Russian friends sure always manage to add a special dimension of poetic heroism!
This is a completely different breed of underwater photographers who pair excellent technical skills with a degree of raw enthusiasm and passion we seem to have all but forgotten – very refreshing indeed, like in the old times!

Case in point:

As this is not paradoxical, but the terrible photographs of sharks with the opened wide mouths and by the [torchashchimi] are not in different directions teeth so terrible in their production.
The majorities of such photographs - result of specific [orkestratsii], in which the command of [dayverov] with the aid of the special features of underwater landscape feeds to shark sequential fish head directing it straight to the photographer. Is thus far in shark occupied mouth all its thoughts only about being removed home into the open water, and unimportantly how closely it will approach - and usually all this concludes " haircut" when either belly or fin catches the head of photographer - it is sufficiently small chances to the increased interest in the equipment and the body.

Another matter when shark in which mouth is not occupied with anything they suddenly manifest interest in the body or the equipment - here already we leave a little to another level of contact with these animals during which it is high the probability of the need of applying the physical interference - namely the defensive position with one of the flare rods of those advanced in the attempt to forward give to understand to animal that to eat here something.
Further usually follows the most powerful header the often bringing down photographer from the balance, and dissatisfied turn to 90-180 degrees that accompanied by the underwater wave of that caused by the motion of powerful tail which it squeezes into the wall from behind if it certainly is. At these moments you understand by what enormous force they possess these 3.5 meter [zverushki] you are penetrated to them by an even larger respect.

The large part of the problem consists in the fact that similar thrusts of curiosity they occur always suddenly - type swim- will swim to itself [akulka] peacefully and it is smooth - and then once - with lightning speed it is turned to 90 degrees to the towards dear camera - so- that ear it is necessary to hold always [vostro] - and if we are located not next to the wall, but on the free space what is 30- meter arena - to still have rather well a bodyguard from behind Zh)

In the photograph higher to me absolutely unexpectedly were fixed two bulls, but analyzing their trajectory and the expression of the snout of face I it understood that head-on collision to [udastsya] to avoid - and instead of the defensive counter made this sequence - 10.5 mm, [krop] [otsustvuet] - appear sufficiently peacefully if we forget about the fact that in the photograph two enormous monsters of occupying the second line in a quantity of murders people after oceanic [beloperykh] sharks….

Even having an experience of contact with the large predators including in [beyt]- Balls always it is required several seconds in order to restore respiration after each [razrulivaniya] of situation - and when this occurred with me it for the first time usually stored up air it volatilized for a few minutes plus to remove by the shaking hands already nothing it was obtained - but when this was! Zh)

This is by none other than our good friend Sasha, a Fiji veteran and master Shark photographer – and surely aimed at impressing the groupies!
And this would be he in “action” in the pit, photographed by his good friend Vitaly - talk about a close encounter!

And here’s the quid pro quo: Vitaly saying hello to Mrs. Jaws – photographed by Sasha!

Vitaly at least has the excuse of being a Bull Shark rookie.
Having been tested and found worthy, we took him to the Arena and positioned him right into the path of the feeding bulls, an experience he describes as follows.
I like it!

“JAWS” on the photo-site Photograph of [sdelann] in Pacific Ocean into Beqa of lagoon of shark of reef next to the Is. of Fiji.

Bull shark at the moment of swallowing fish head is depicted on the photograph.

The size of shark - is more than 3[kh] of meters, this is sufficiently large copy. Objective of 20[mm] - fixed price. Distance from me to the shark somewhere from one to one-and-a-half meters.
In order to obtain the clean photograph (without [melteshashchey] around the small fry) in the spirit JAWS to photographer necessary at the moment of ingestion by the shark of the piece of the food/of output to prove to be on the path of motion of shark;) In this trajectory entire small fish, that so interferes during the photographing, in panic it usually throws in all directions. Camera I hold low- near the bottom, as to he serves as outstanding bait for other competitors (in the time of diving my technology it repeatedly underwent the attacks of predators)

In addition the hands (and other extremities, which you value) must be always in sight in the field of sight.

Therefore camera gunnery it is necessary to conduct at random, slightly [prifigev], being slanted back (in order to on the head not of reserve) It is here necessary to note that when to you rushes this torpedo with the opened mouth for some reason instead of panicky fear you feel this combat ardor as on the ring. I.e. terribly only so that to be completely assembled and ready for everything. It is considered that at the moment is thus far in shark occupied with the food of companies it is not dangerous.

By the way fear is suppressed by two things - respiration (into the regulator necessary to breathe evenly) and… by camera;)
When you remove - you do not think about that which is here dangerous.
Yes, it is dangerous, but completely to itself moderately. When the [ogromennyy] bull approaches up to the distance of the elongated hand panic in the form of hot wave in the back of the head at first rolls, but panic is considerably more dangerous than everything else and therefore control, respiration and… survey! :) Plus these monsters, besides the electrical and the biofields excellently feel fear. The more you fear, the more of them there are all around is assembled =))))

Well yes agreeably, under water all ended well, hand- feet were entire and unharmed, at the pocket lie two [akulikh] teeth (Mike's gift) and now (in any case before the following trip) with the sharks I to be met do not plan.

Quite – and all of which resulted in this stunning portrait of Maite - and yes, being one of our biggest, she is certainly at least 3m long!

Very well done guys - and I’m sure that the groupies agree!


Diving Discoveries said...

Whoaaa nice shots!
Honestly it still reads like there is a bit of something that is lost in translation however it was a fun read nevertheless.
Thxs for sharing

Wilson said...

Great pics :)

Was browsing your website recently. You should totally have two things to offer for download:

1) Wallpapers of your shark dives and/or sharks

2) Screensavers of all your best pics, with your logo at the bottom right.

Definitely would dig the wallpaper idea - a shark on my desktop? And not just any shark...but a local one! :P

Just an idea...

DaShark said...

Great idea - but, we don't own the pics we showcase!

Having said this, lemme talk to a few friendly photographers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike for fun description of our adventures ! You may need to add that after-dive vodka drinking parties play important role in Russian heroism too, helping to boost imagination of divers with increasing size of shark with each shot taken ! :)

Anonymous said...

very nice =)
translation is funny

Anonymous said...

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