Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sasha and the Bulls!

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This is way cool!

Sasha is back home and has started publishing a whole host of stunning pictures on his blog and lemme tell you, this is by far not the best one!
What however makes it special is that he has put it into context by simultaneously posting some video of precisely the same encounter as captured by one of our videographers. The footage is slightly overcranked to 60fps and the action is consequently slowed down by 20%.

The feeder is Papa’s son Tumbi and the Sharks are two of our biggest females, Naughtylus who gets the first Tuna head and Maite who comes back for her own snack.
As witnessed by his perfect reaction (keep the camera between the mouth of the Shark and yourself) and calm demeanor, Sasha is now a veteran of the Fiji Shark Dive and has thus earned himself some special privileges.
This is the Arena at 30m, one of the locations where we will allow very experienced customers to position themselves under supervision, and you can see Eroni keeping a watchful eye on proceedings in the background.

As to whether this is One additional by anything not remarkable photograph with the artistic value of that being approaching zero (thank you Babelfish), you be the judge of it.
I happen to differ – but then, as always, I’m fatally biased.
Great job my friend!

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