Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gotta love it!

I’m posting this at exactly 2:35pm, Fiji time.

This is relevant because of this.
The idiotic prophecy has been stirring up a great deal of controversy and I have no doubt that it has caused a lot of anxiety and also, substantial economic damages in terms of lost productivity. Having asked, I know of one business where because of it, workers did not turn up for work today. From what I can see, Government has done all it could to contain the hysteria but like in the case of the infamous OITC, there will always be people who will believe the most preposterous of allegations – and not only in Fiji!

I say: time for some accountability!
This is not a question of human rights and freedom of speech, or the like: this is a question of holding a bunch of unscrupulous charlatans accountable for the consequences of their reckless actions. As a minimum, how about a deluge of law suits by the businesses this has harmed.

Will the public learn the obvious lessons?
Only a real Fijian could answer that – opinions?


Wilson said...

It's after 2:30pm. Do you know where your rumour generated tsunami is?

This message has been brought to you by the kind compliments of OMIGODHESAIDWEALLGOINGTODIEGODTOLDHIMSOITMUSTBETRUE Ministry =_=

Didn't believe it when I read it. Still didn't believe it right up until the so called doomsday hour. Lots of people I know were genuinely scared. I was seriously pissed with their shortsightedness and apparent lack of logical thinking.

Lesson to be learnt? Bringing God into your bullshit will make believers out of anyone.

It's a pity though. Awesome publicity. Should have tried to sell something on the side. Like inflatables. Or DIY bilibili kits.

Robert said...

Wow. I was so shocked and pissed off that I had to read everything twice.
Look how they spin it after the non-event.

This is copied from the comments section from the "prophecy" link.

Reply by Sai Lealea
Fiji Prophesy Averted by Prayers Thanks to the Vision Circulation Alert

Sai's Comments:
Fiji, and in particular the current illegal regime, should be very thankful that the prophesised disaster has been averted thanks to the Nadi pastor.

It is clear that his prophesy had alerted the people of Fiji of different faiths to engage in prayer and no doubt other forms of worship, in the attempt to seek divine intervention over the impending disaster.

Whether you are a believer or not, you must be impressed by the Pastor's bravery and spiritual courage and fortitude for sharing his vision with the rest of the people of Fiji.

Diving Discoveries said...

The government should have stepped in, provided more information and should have engaged in more spin control in order to avert the economical danger caused by the rumor.

Its unfortunate to see so much damaged caused by faith and religion. Unfortunately, religion will always serve as a tool to control (or scare) the masses.

Tafa said...

Sadly Fiji's Coconut wireless service is very effective and its even sadder coz a lot of the guys do belive in this information.

I had a good laugh when the 5.0 quake happend in Lau waters and the media jumped the gun saying that an earthquake happend but there will be no tsunami. For god sake, earthquakes of that mag happend nearly every week in Fiji waters and no one pays attention. We actually have bigger earthquakes that no one pays attention to, but just coz some guy prophaised that it will happend then everyone belived him.

Fiji is a funny place to live in.