Thursday, June 24, 2010


Check out this video.

Totally agree!
No Whaling in Sanctuaries!

Which brings me straight over to this press release – and I must say that I’m impressed! And I lost a bet!
Whilst re-affirming their wish that the general moratorium be maintained, the WWF, the Pew and yes, Greenpeace state their conditions for accepting the IWC compromise proposal allowing Japan, Iceland and Norway to engage in limited and tightly monitored commercial whaling in exchange for submitting themselves to the authority of the IWC and relinquishing their fake research.

For those NGOs, deviating from their previous intransigent position must have been excruciatingly difficult, especially on an emotional level, and I salute them for having risen above themselves and for having made an honest attempt at showing a pragmatic way forward.
Great also to see some of the heavyweights coordinate their actions, a fact that makes me hopeful for the next ICCAT meeting in November.
Well done!

Not so other NGOs.
I get copied on all kind of things and this week, I was twice presented with a remarkable pamphlet that ended with this equally remarkable conclusion.

The bottom line is whaling is morally unacceptable. We do NOT have the right to slaughter sentient beings, sentient beings possibly more intelligent, more caring, more developed than ourselves. No negotiation on this issue. No deals. Whaling is morally repugnant, it is murder, and cannot be condoned.


Sadly, the author would have to be considered one of “us”, the Shark people.
Not that I’m actually surprised: the Org she represents is, for lack of a better word, associated with this, this and even this person. In that regard, it just totally re-affirms my severe reservations vis-à-vis some of the people involved, their scientific credentials and the agendas they pursue - and I’ll leave it at that.

As to the IWC meeting, it’s same old same old.
Japan gets slammed, the activists continue to vociferate, no resolution is being adopted.
And thousands of Whales continue to get killed.
And Watson keeps his job.

Great, isn't it.

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