Friday, May 21, 2010

Oceanic Sharks - shifting Baselines!

I was very impressed by Lupo's latest portfolio.

Great pics and I particularly liked this.
Of course when diving with sharks you always treat the shark with respect. You keep an eye on them and enjoy their beauty - Neither side were prey or predator, competitor or enemy. Both sides were curious and we were obviously more excited about seeing them than they were seeing us.
Well said my friend!

On a personal note, that portfolio is also pretty scary!
Thing is, I did like the Oceanic Whitetips - but what really got me excited was this pic of a Blue!

How sad is that!
It seems like yesterday when Blues were everywhere and such pics, hopelessly commonplace.
There was a thriving Shark viewing business operating out of San Diego and the Blues were merely the garnishing for the coveted Shortfin Makos and many other oceanic denizens like Billfishes, Basking Sharks, Mola Molas and big schools of Yellowfin.
All gone now, the Sharks and as a consequence, the businesses - and this in the USA, not some impoverished third world country lacking the resources to implement meaningful conservation measures!

Oh well.
Once again, and like in the case of the European Eel, I'm being confronted with my very own personal amnesia. It's a case of shifting baselines and a reflection of the big picture whereby all fisheries are severely depleted, to the point where some argue that most will collapse by the middle of this century.
Solutions? Read this and explore the link! Hat Tip: Mark!

But I'm digressing as always.
Lupo: well done!

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