Saturday, May 08, 2010

Message from the Battlefield

Keep smiling!

It has been an interesting day!

Before the coconut telegraph goes crazy, here's what happened - straight from the horse's mouth.

Yesterday evening, after the weekend closure of the courts, Government ministries and law firms, our land lord Lagoon Resort was seized and shut down.
It's obviously about money and has nothing whatsoever to do with us - but as a consequence, we were caught in the crossfire and denied access to our premises, and 20 pre-booked tourists were turned away and could not join today's Shark dive.

The matter has been resolved and we will resume normal operations as of tomorrow, Sunday May 9.
I cannot go into detail but this has once again re-confirmed this Government's firm commitment to the Tourism industry and to protecting bona fide foreign investments. I must also say that despite of the obvious tensions, we were always treated professionally and with the utmost courtesy.

Whilst we are fine, we cannot predict the fate of Lagoon Resort.
This is however a very public matter and I believe that some decision will be reached by next week once Fiji is back open for business. Beqa Adventure Divers customers holding reservations with Lagoon Resort are advised to contact Andrew and Nanise who will keep them abreast of developments. In the worst case, we will be able to mediate alternative accommodation as we cooperate with all other local hotels and resorts.
Once again, all client bookings with us are safe.

More as matters evolve.

PS Story here - to be perfectly fair, in our case, the strife is being exaggerated.
Once we were able to contact them, the bank officials were extremely reasonable and proactively helpful, and so were the people occupying the premises - and I'm not saying this because of political expediency, this is the plain and simple truth.

PS2 More here


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Wow Mike,

Sounds like a classic business opportunity to me, let us know if you need any help.

Four words to consider:

Carbon Neutral Research Station

Darko Tupek said...

wowww, this is really unbelivable, I can not belive FIji goverment is letting this happen, hang on there guys you are unique of a kind, I really hope everything will work out and you can carry on giving people from all around world a magic experience with the stunning underwater world and beasts of Beqa

best regards from Croatia


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are okay.

DaShark said...

Thank you everybody, really appreciated!

As I said, everything is OK and back to normal.
We are being treated well and the Government is, and has always been more than supportive.

These are the repercussions of a civil case between a bank and the resort that will undoubtedly be brought to mediation next week.

Everybody understands that it has nothing to do with us and is trying to be helpful.

(Tiger)Lily said...

Incredible and shocking - hope what ever is happening gets sorted out in a good way. Good luck! : )