Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sony EX1 - Ideas?

Grab from yesterday's footage: 720/50p, shutter 180, gain -3, auto Iris (aperture was 4), under-exposed by 1/2, detail -20, crispening +99. Please click to enlarge

Does this look normal to you?

Please check out this thread.
I shoot the EX1 in a Gates housing with the Fathom Imaging super wide angle lens and continue to be plagued by grainy (or noisy, or coarse) footage, especially when shooting in the Arena at 30m.

Having listened to the geeks, I've tweaked the PP as per the above, to no apparent avail.
Viz was so-so-la-la (20m) but having said this, the Shark is only inches away from the lens and particulate matter should have no bearing on the image quality. To me, that just looks like plain and simple grain - yes I can probably filter it out in post but am still trying to capture clear video in the first place.

Any XDCAM EX UW shooter out there with any insights?
Any help would be much appreciated!


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Hey mate,
Best I can offer is to post this same question on the Video Forum over at Wetpixel or DivePhotoGuide.