Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New SDI Shark Blog - Welcome!

Certainly toothy - like hopefully, the blog itself!

Here comes trouble!

Just kidding - or am I?
I don't subscribe to automatic news feeds and alerts and it is thus particularly serendipitous that I literally stumbled upon the newly established The Shark Diving International Team Blog, a joint venture by a passionate and diverse group of people that is likely to quickly evolve into one of my obligated references in matters concerning Sharks.
If, that is, they continue blogging with as much toothy passion as they have thus far!

Thing is, their voices need to be heard.
Lawrence is not only a personal friend, he is also somebody bringing to the table an incredible wealth of hands-on experience as a commercial Shark diving operator. He is one, if not the founder of commercial diving with GWs first in the Farallones and then, in Guadalupe and as such, one of my principal sources of information when it comes to questions pertaining to Shark diving in those locations. Normally a genuinely lovely, very California soft spoken kind of person, I am starting to discern another side of his personality in his posts - very much in line with his choice of music! And: am I hallucinating or did I really hear the sound of a gauntlet being slapped down? Just teasing of course: I really don't want to go there!
The good news being that after having been widely criticized for being too abrasive, I may well end up being considered to be a mainstream moderate in comparison!

Mary is of course the Mary of the Shark Safe Network and its blog.
Initially, and totally unfairly decried as being an emotional Shark activist, she is in fact the exact opposite, a unifier and pragmatic organizer of effective local Shark conservation initiatives, very elder statesmanlike and temperate whilst still maintaining all of the original passion.
Case in point: this post about the disgraceful killing of 49 Sharks which I know broke her heart - especially when compared to this post by Lawrence!

And then there's Andy, and yes, that would be this guy!
As life goes, I met him shortly after my post and he's actually a very cool dude - but I still stick to my opinion about that stunt! May we be witnessing the miraculous conversion from Shark pornographer to Shark conservationist?
This sure is fascinating and as always, we shall see!

All-in-all, we've got something to look forward to!
Let the fun begin!

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