Monday, May 24, 2010


Michael Field is an asshole.

He's an infamous, and pompous journo who snipes at several SoPac countries from the safety of some couch in New Zealand.
His pieces are essentially copy/paste excerpts from other media, garnished with hearsay from the coconut telegraph and libelous personal attacks against people he dislikes - in brief, total and utter rubbish!

Case in point: this stupidity about the Lagoon case.
Apart from being blatantly misleading, it puts Jim in a big pickle.
He's in the middle of a court case (against a bank, not the military regime or whatever) aimed at reaching some form of a compromise and must surely be very unhappy about a piece aimed at stirring up some totally unhelpful emotions. As to the Suva sources: shame on them for being either totally naive or the usual stupid purveyors of gratuitous gossip!
Thanks for nothing!

As to this piece on CDNN, what can I say except for it's on CDNN!

For the record, Beqa Adventure Divers were closed for one day and have been fully operational, and I may add, incredibly busy ever since. We have a direct agreement with the bank and will continue to operate normally regardless of the outcome of the court case.

Of course, not a single one of our clients was left to fend for himself!
Those who were turned away were offered alternative dives, or given a full refund; thanks to the exceptionally generous help of the other resort in Pacific Harbour, we were able to re-locate all of our pre-booked clients at no incremental cost and in some cases, clients even ended up by getting an upgrade; there have been no cancellations but if so, we would return any money in full.
Oh and the shoot was a successful wrap - and we're already hosting the next one!

Back to the Sharks - and let's hope this is the last such post I have to write!

PS as anticipated: Jim's reaction here.


Robert said...


Michael Field is an asshole.
Just as Carmen Sanchez is.

I have been guilty of repeating something that I have heard and then found out later it was untrue, but I've never put it online. I think that most people could say the same.

I don't need to fact check this one though.
Michael & Carmen are assholes.

DaShark said...

Yup... the difference being that those are supposed to be so-called objective journalists - one phone call, and the stupid myths would have been dispelled!

Oh well, guess that not e'body is aiming for a Pulitzer huh...

Robert said...

or aiming for credibility either