Monday, May 03, 2010

Client Portfolios!

Sarah after seeing Scarface on her first dive as an Open Water Diver!

I am impressed!

Three of our clients have published their portfolios online and all I can say is, very well done indeed!

Jean-Marie and Pablo visited in March for a short three-day stop-over during their epic Shark trip for Shark Revolution, an artsy project aiming at furthering a better understanding of Sharks.
This is of course the best time for seeing heaps of Bulls but they were also particularly lucky in having Scarface pay us a visit.

Story here, portfolios here and here.

Robert is an avid Shark diver and a Shark conservationist who has been "everywhere" and knows "everybody", among which Ron and Val with whom he visited last month.
You can find his brilliant portfolio here - and no, he was not allowed to parade that cap on the Fiji Shark Dive!

And last but certainly not least, Hugh has been back and published a great Shark portfolio on top of his beloved Beqa critters.

Great job guys, and do come back!
And for the others out there: what are you waiting for?
Shoot us a message and come visit us on the Best Shark Dive in the World!

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