Monday, September 28, 2009

College Stuff!

Guess who this is!

Well well.

The college students have come and gone and not having been in Fiji at the time, their visit didn't translate into a blog post.

That was then.
Now, by pure chance, I've stumbled across this series of photo galleries , and boy: does this look like somebody had a blast - or what! And who, please, did take that picture???
Kudos to the indomitable ex BAD girl and now Broadreach bigwig Tiff (manifestation of God???) and to group leader Imogen who I hear did an excellent job both professionally and also in terms of being a pleasure to work with!

Wanna have a blast and learn plenty of Sharky stuff in the process?
Check out the Shark Behavior and Conservation Program!
Too young? Check out this!

The Sharks are waiting!

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