Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Submarine

She's just simply huge.

She turned up approximately ten days ago and quickly became the star of the current lineup of Bull Sharks. I've seen here side-by-side with our biggest matriarch Granma and she is undoubtedly more massive and more powerful - and quite possibly, even longer, which would translate into more than 11 feet! Lemme tell you, that's a whole lotta Bull!!!

We've named her Naughtylus, in homage to the fabled sub - mobilis in mobili indeed!
And because her rather sinister smile (click on pic) is more than matched by an ample dose of assertive posturing. Suffice to say that Bum, currently in the final stages of pregnancy and accordingly ravenous, meekly defers to her approaches! She's already proceeded to square up to this scribe and I can assure you that she certainly managed to catch my attention!
Camera running!

Well, she will eventually mellow - like they all have once they realized that we got enough for everybody and that we demand a modicum of decorum from our dinner guests.

We're currently updating and completely re-vamping our Bull Shark page, but at latest count, she's our 69th named Bull! Talking of which (no, I'm not posting any links!), she nearly ended up with a completely different name!

Just kidding!



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Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

That's a big critter ya got there Mike.

The Sharkman said...

Pity she did not show up when I was there. Guess I have to come again one day.

Hope to see "Sharkman" in that list too.

DaShark said...

Of course!!! (: