Wednesday, September 23, 2009

River Sharks - no Drama!

Bum - very pregnant!

Did I really say tomorrow???
Well, as we all now, Time is relative. Enter Fiji Time, like Tonga Time a hitherto largely overlooked third consequence of Einstein's Theories of Relativity!

But here it is...
Stan and Jone have once again done an outstanding job and delivered a well-rounded and informative piece of pro-Shark media.
You may want to note how real Pacific Islanders perceive Sharks as a natural and unspectacular element of the Marine ecosystem: none of drama and stupid generalizations that are so typical of the various pundits and armchair warriors polluting the blogosphere and the mainstream media. Case in point, check out this evil abomination: mind you, "reporting" about the exact same topic!
And compare it to the hysterical hypocrisy of the so-called "natives" over in Hawaii!

This, and an upcoming spectacular paper by Eroni, Victor and Juerg are the results of our road trip in July where we set out to find Fiji's Bull Shark nurseries. We have found them - and much more!
As always, keep watching this space!

What really blows me is the interview with Rusi..
If anybody deserved the title of Shark Whisperer, it would really be him.
He is normally silent and outright humble - but put him in front of one of his beloved Sharks and his personality changes completely and his understanding of the animals and the way he interacts with them are just simply totally unreal. Over the years, we've hosted our fair share of visiting "experts" - and every single one of them has told us how incredibly impressed they were by how Rusi handles the big Sharks.
I cannot begin to tell you how personally rewarding it is to now see him come out of his shell and talk (!) for minutes (!) about the need to protect them!
Vinaka Rusi, you are simply the best!

Gary is of course one of my heroes.
He has been part and parcel of the Fiji Shark Project since its inception and regularly pops by to inspect its progress and to assist in Juerg's ongoing research projects. His help and his guidance have been invaluable and the Fiji Shark Dive is as much his baby as it is ours - and I may add: much to the contrary of the progress in the help and guidance Juerg and yours truly are trying to extend to Gary! That has been an abject failure!
But we shall persevere!

But as usual, I'm digressing.
So here it is: Enjoy!


The Sharkman said...

Thanks for sharing.

To think that only 6 weeks ago I was there with you, Gary, Rusi, Eroni and the rest of the B.A.D. team.....and the SHARKS.....

Keep up the great work my friends.


DaShark said...

No "Vinaka" needed - it has been a pleasure and an inspiration for all of us!