Thursday, September 24, 2009


This is the best image, ever, of one of our Giant Groupers, Ratu Tolu. Copyright Tim Rock 2009.

This guy - yes u gotta check him out by yerself!

Timbo and I go back to the epic 2002 Voyage of Discovery where we spent several weeks aboard the Pelagian prowling the remote atolls of Micronesia. And despite the saying that boats are like prisons, with the added risk of drowning, we did not have a single fight but became pals instead!
And lemme tell you: others were not so lucky! And I'll leave it at that!

We've been in touch ever since and even managed to hook up sporadically at DEMA and once, in Tonga - but despite of my constant prodding, he had never quite made it over to Fiji. And I don't blame the man. To the uninitiated, my Fijian tales sound quite too good to be true - and haven't we all eagerly packed our bags and traveled to the most secret and guaranteed diving hot-spots, only to inevitably get terminally skunked upon arrival!

Well, he has finally managed to pay us a visit.
He did -cautiously- add one week of Sharks to swimming with the Humpbacks in Vava'u and I guess it would be fair to say that we managed to impress him. And his charming model Yoko!
The Bulls were kinda skittish as this is the prologue to their mating season where they don't feed - but when they did turn up, they were big and close! Let's say that I do know for a fact that they did get his attention!

Tim is what I call a real underwater photographer, somebody who does it for a living.
His preliminary portfolio is a testimony to his diligence and to the fact that he's a master of his craft - above and underwater. We've been hatching some plans and you shall be hearing much more as they evolve.

As always, keep watching this space!

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