Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Progress at last!

Well done!

One of my pet grievances is the seemingly hopeless and certainly senseless and wasteful fragmentation we witness in Conservation - and here comes the new Shark Safe Network that tries to coordinate among many different Shark Conservation NGOs.

We're obviously proud that the home page features our Fijian pro-Shark PSA and that our Fiji Shark Conservation and Awareness Project has been deemed worthy of inclusion among the Member Organizations.

Do I also cringe at some of the names we are being associated with? You betcha!
I'm as intolerant, biased, opinionated, solipsistic and prejudiced as the best of them!
After all, I'm a Sharkaholic - as tribal, back-stabbing and petty a people as any other self-respecting closely knit group where everybody knows one another and many have years of shared "history", be it life-long friendships or irreconcilable enmity.

But let's never forget that despite of all the controversies that regularly have our tempers flaring, we all share a great common love and concern for the welfare of Sharks and the Ocean in general. And yes, at least one fantastic pro-Shark Initiative is missing in the lineup!
C'est l'amour, c'est la guerre!

Please take some time and explore the website and its wealth of information, suggestions and campaigns. It's the brainchild of a passionate and anonymous Shark Conservation activist who has invested countless man hours into what is clearly a labour of love.
Kudos - and thank you for showing us the way!

My favorite page?
This one, and especially, point 5!


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