Monday, March 09, 2009

One more Threat!

This is a Shark Conservation Blog - so why this obsession with Global Warming?

The why is that Species Protection doesn't work: it needs to be Habitat Protection!
That's why we have established a Marine Protected Area, Shark Reef Marine Reserve, and that's why we have established the 30-mile long Fiji Shark Corridor once our data suggested that the area of the SRMR was too small for the Bulls and Tigers. Our present acoustic tagging exercise may well reveal that we may have to expand the area even further.

As if Coral Bleaching, Sea Level Rise and more Extreme Weather weren't enough in terms of threats to the South Pacific, here comes yet another one - and this one is bloody serious: Ocean Acidification.

In brief, the rise of CO2 levels is lowering the pH of the Oceans.
The consequence: increasingly, those organisms who precipitate Calcium Carbonate to build their shells will be unable to do so. Yes, that would mean the gradual disappearance of the reef-building Corals and of Sea Shells, Crustaceans and important planktonic components like the Foraminifera. It has happened before and we can observe the likely consequences around present-time carbon dioxide vents.
And Corals are already disappearing fast!

And on top of the demise of the Coral Reef Habitats, the Ocean would lose, and even reverse its present function as the most important Carbon Sink, obviously with further devastating consequences for the whole planet.

But to get back to what we really do: our Marine Reserve would die and the Fish and our Sharks would have no more place to live in.

Just scaremongering?
Just a Conspiracy by the Liberals and the Scientists (and I may add: the Reptilian Humanoids)? To rule the word, promote a socialist agenda and get more funding - and steal a Nobel Prize and an Oscar in the process?
Really!, who are those people who come up with this garbage?

But granted: may there be an element of hysteria and may some of the predictions be exaggerated?
Sure, most probably! As in all marketing!

But whatever the full Truth: can we really afford not to heed the warnings and continue to waste time by engaging in pointless discussions instead?


Unknown said...

We could also use 3.5 billion fewer humnans around as well.

DaShark said...

We sure could - more like 5bn less!

That's the root cause of all the problems, isn't it.

Like here the South Pacific - too many people, not enough resources.

Nearly impossible to ever succeed in combating poverty and achieving progress as long as the present population growth persists.

And owing to cultural and religious reasons, nobody quite seems to have the guts to speak up and tackle the problem head-on.

Oh well - back to the Sharks!