Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to Sharky Matters!

Cocos rocks!

I used to go there in the 80ies, way before the Hunters and the like (anybody remember Mary Crowley and her Ocean Voyages? The Victoria af Carlstadt? Epic!) and continue to be drawn back by its unique charm and profusion of Sharks and Fish.
That's where I saw my very first Whale Shark, my first big green Mobula (which I mistook for a green Manta Ray) and just recently, a rarely seen male Silvertip.

Alas, the huge schools of Hammerheads are probably gone forever - but it still remains one of the must-see destinations for any serious Shark aficionado.

Case in point, this spectacular video.

Notice anything? No, not the comment which is unfortunate - the images!
See the claspers? That's an elusive male Tiger Shark, and a very good sized one on top of that!
What a great find!

Tigers are not really new to Cocos.
If memory serves me right, I remember reading that Hans Hass saw them on his 1953 Xarifa expedition - but then, apparently, they disappeared. Same-same for the Silvertips that were abundant (and quite a nuisance) in the 80ies and have vanished since, only to stage a tenuous comeback in recent years.

Time for me to go back there!


Jonjak said...

Victoria af Carlstadt.

I know that boat. I've been on it but I was a baby.

Jonjak said...

Big enough to walk but to young to remember. We've got some pictures of that vessel. It was in Coco in the begining of the 80's.

I'll post a couple in my blog.