Sunday, March 22, 2009

Asking for it

Well, they're at it again.
The people, not the Sharks!

A woman went wading in murky water at 5:30 pm and got bitten by a Shark - and Sharky can finally start the 2009 tally.

Where? You guessed it, Volusia County.
In Florida, the very State that banned Shark feeding as too many people were being nipped - and has become the Shark Bite Capital of the World ever since!
Yes, I'm repeating myself and will never cease to do so!

So what have the good people of Volusia, in their wisdom, undertaken in order to minimize the risk of further accidents?
Look no further than April 1-5 and the Landshark Spring Surfari Pro Tournament! Great choice of activity and above all, great choice of name! The Beach Patrol shrug their shoulders and brace themselves for the inevitable.

Sharky must be happy - and I'm reminded of Einstein.

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