Thursday, March 12, 2009

Karen's Dream

I like Karen.

She's not only pretty and funny, she's also one of those persons who really care about the Marine Environment and who has proven, time-after-time again, that she is willing to forfeit badly-needed income in favor of upholding her ideals about Conservation.

Karen and her husband Paul (both of Tahiti Aggressor fame) own Dive Vava'u, hands down the most professional, best-equipped and most Conservation-oriented dive shop in Tonga.
Like everybody in Vava'u, they specialize in Whale Watching during the Humpback migration in August-November. Contrary to all other dive shops, they however also specialize in finding the most amazing big (they found the first ever recorded Bull Sharks in Tonga) and small critters (see above) during the off-season.

Dive Vava'u is also the only foreign dive op supporting the Fiji Shark Conservation and Awareness Project, They have been invited owing to the fact that with a mere 4-5 dive operations, Tonga is just too small to mount their own country-wide initiative.
All-in-all: Highly Recommended - and I mean it!

Karen tells me that she has entered the "Name you Dream Assignment" competition. Her dream assignment dovetails beautifully with who she is, a passionate Conservationist and accomplished UW photographer.

Please cast your vote for her.
Granted, her assignment may lack the the chutzpah of this one (and I can relate to this one, too...), the sci-fi flamboyance of this one or the depressing gravitas of this idea - but she's one of us and anything that helps furthering Marine Conservation must be supported!

And how about the other themes?
Plenty of people wanting to document America, squillions wanting to photograph children and babies, and a surprising number wanting to spend a day with the President! The current frontrunner, with 150 votes, is some piece about Diabetes (yeah, right, and the votes are completely spontaneous...) by a woman who would also like to document foster homes.... Whow....

Can we top that in a heartbeat?
You bet!

Please invest one minute of your time and go vote for Karen.


the One called "Bitey"... said...

I've entered the Name Your Dream Assignment too - with the intent of documenting shrinking shark populations and illegal poaching, worldwide; needless to say, I'm not very high in the rankings as the usual "humanist" (i.e., anthropocentric) ideas are much more popular....
I'll have a look at Karen's post though!

DaShark said...

Now u got me in a pickle Terry!

What's the link to your assignment?