Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cool Stuff by Juerg!

Juerg is busy!

He's back in Switzerland and analyzing the latest crop of data - and driving poor Eroni crazy with ever new projects!

I can't tell you too much yet but we're about to see some ground-breaking papers on behavioral stuff and more conclusions from our ongoing radio tagging exercise.
At the same time, after 6 years and close to 2,000 data sets, we're completely re-wamping our trusted database to make place for the many newcomers: who would have ever thought that we would once have 42 named Bulls, along with 4 Tigers, 3 Lemons, 6 Silvertips, and 8 Greys - and mind you, that's just the individuals with a name (for which they need to feature a distinctive permanent imperfection), putting the total population at comfortably double those numbers!
Yes we love our Sharks and name them, very much like an increasing number of other Shark Diving operators worldwide - and we think that that's a good thing (well said Felix!) that contributes to their Protection!

New projects will focus on Fiji's principal rivers, which we suspect of being Bull Shark nurseries, on finding their mating grounds, on some very cool and cutting-edge tissue and DNA analysis, on Shark Diving Tourism and on substantially expanding our current push for better Shark protection. Oh and of course there's the ever-expanding Year of the Shark - Fiji - lots of fun but boy, talk about invested man-hours, especially by Eroni!
As always, watch this space!

And should you wish to delve in Juerg's publications, go to his website as usual or go to SOSFs website where you can find a cool synopsis of what's going on pretty much real-time!

Have fun!

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