Saturday, March 21, 2009


Photo pros, beware of this lady!

Lill Haugen is a Norwegian UW photo pro and Dive Journo who is on a one-year stint in the South Pacific. After she became a regular fixture on our boats, we asked her whether she would be willing to help us establish an image inventory of our 70 named Sharks (the one above is "Bumphead") and she graciously accepted.

She is now allowed to sit in the infamous and much-coveted "pit", a special high-traffic area where selected (and very experienced) Industry Professionals have the chance of capturing those "killer images" that end up populating the dive mags.
Having seen the first results, I fully expect Lill to quickly accumulate a Shark portfolio that will be very hard to match and impossible to beat!

And what about our camera-toting clients?
Well, if you were planning to turn up with your super-duper-ultra wideangle lens in the hopes of pushing it into the face of a large macro predator, you will be disappointed. We just don't do that and "those" pics will always elude the discerning amateur visitor to Shark Reef.

No need for that anyway, just go a little tighter and we can practically guarantee that you will have the opportunity of going home with some world-class images!

Case in point: the following image that Terry Goss (or here) took from the client viewing area.
It's my favorite picture of Scarface and probably one of the best Human-Shark pics ever! Yes I know I'm biased but that's what I believe! Terry has kindly given us a good hi-res edit and I invite you to click on the image in order to explore the amazing detail.
Terry has entered the Dream Assignment Competition and I invite you to go vote for him - great initiative!



the One called "Bitey"... said...

haya -

that link to my old site is kinda funky, here's the better link:

thanx again!

DaShark said...


Dunno if I told you: but GREAT picture, Terry! (:

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

TG's image is pretty stunning, how big is that critter?

DaShark said...

A good 14 feet - and growing!
Very sweet & mellow tho!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Lill, that's something else than shark diving at home in Oslo. Miss you tho :)