Sunday, October 13, 2013

Guidelines - à la Poubelle!

Just enjoy!

Take it easy.

Sharks are way cool.
They are also unbelievably shy, and being able to observe them in their natural habitat is a rare privilege indeed.
In 99.99% percent of the cases, you will be diving with a local dive operator - so choose well and then follow his recommendations. He knows his nick of the ocean better than you ever will, and will be happy to share any advice you may require.

It's that simple - so chill and enjoy.
And throw away this crap - the anxiety it foments is totally unwarranted, and the content is so bad to be an embarrassment.


Johann Mourier said...

Love the title! .. as well as the content. It resumes all to say about this useless guidelines made by people that may be have never dived with sharks in the wild. As you said, divers may trust and follow their diving guides that know very well their site and sharks!

Michael Sealey said...

I read it a couple of weeks ago, the best part is when they say that some sharks can try to separate divers from the group to attack!
As you well said, it's embarrassing!