Saturday, February 28, 2015

Natural Predation on invasive Lionfish!

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Seen any Fish population explode as of late?
Yes we have: Lionfish in the Caribbean! But those are invasive introduced species that so far lack any predators - betcha that in 10 years, the picture will be vastly different!
That was yours truly three years ago.
And now, it appears, some Caribbean predators are already, slowly slowly, developing a taste for those Lionfish.

Stories here and here
Pretty cool - but of course for that to work, we need predators! 
And when it comes to the latter, sobering research reveals that matters in the Caribbean are far from ideal, and yes that would be a gross understatement. But I stick to my prediction - coupled with human intervention that is effective and remains vital, this issue is likely to resolve itself.

Fingers crossed!

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