Thursday, February 12, 2015

Four Shocking Coral Reef Facts About Ocean Resorts!

Wakaya Island reef - Fiji's second National Marine Park! Source.


Looks like I've been totally blindsided!
Not only did Patric successfully deflect my attention when I nearly managed to unmask him a couple of years ago - but now it turns out that he has managed to blog and Facebook his little blue heart out completely undetected!

As usual, the output has been rather staggering.
And some of it is just simply great, highly recommended reading!

This post has piqued my interest.
Yes indeed those statistics are rather shocking - but of course, like Patric, I don't see this as a problem but rather, as a real opportunity! So how about if on top of installing one of Patric's créations, those resorts could safeguard their economic interests by protecting their newly created marine cash cow.

Look no further than the Fijian model!
After the National Marine Park designation of the SRMR, luxury island resort Wakaya is the second (not first!) such marine park in the Country for which we extend our heartfelt congratulations.
This is once again a public/private partnership that follows the exact template I was mentioning here whereby Government deputizes the private for profit entity to act as trustees of their principal business asset.

Patric - hint hint!
I'm sure you understand! :)

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Patric Douglas said...


Yes, and once again, the "3500 Mile Vulcan Mind Meld" of conservation has struck gold.

That's the thing I like about you, "reading between the headlines" is as easy for you as it is for most people to actually get out of bed in the morning.



Patric Douglas
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