Thursday, February 12, 2015

Playa - excellent Progress!

Great stuff!

Check out this table.
It really looks like the collaboration among the Bull Shark dive operators in Playa del Carmen is starting to bear fruit. Those initial 30,000 pesos are a nice contribution towards setting the required buoys delimiting the Shark diving area, and tagging more of the Sharks. This year's tagging tally is over 12, meaning that Saving our Sharks is making giant strides towards finally unraveling the mystery of why the Sharks come to Playa (likely to pup - but where?) and where they go once they depart again which is one of their declared goals.

Incidentally, that money comes from two sources.
Donativo are the funds collected via an array of "tip boxes" where the customers can make voluntary contributions; AportaciĆ³n are per-diver/per-dive contributions by the dive operators that contrary to what we do here, are being paid out of cash flow and thus impact the bottom line - but of course they are good business in the long term.
So here's to Phocea, Pepe Dive Center and of course Chino's Phantom Divers for truly walking the talk by making a real, hands-on contribution to Shark research and Shark conservation!
Please show them your appreciation by choosing them when booking your next vacation there!

I must say that I'm impressed.
After the adoption of the code of conduct, this collaboration is yet another milestone in establishing Playa as one of the best and most sustainable global Shark diving hotspots.

Well done everybody!

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