Saturday, February 21, 2015

Naughtylus - Healing in Bull Sharks!

Remember this post?

That was less than three weeks ago.
We've observed the miraculous healing process ever since - but today she did come close enough for a decent capture. The pic at the top is from February 3, the one below from today - click for detail.

Amazing isn't it.


sam cahir said...

There is a mini paper right there.

DaShark said...

If we started to seriously look at all the possible mini papers after these 10 years, Juerg would spend his life doing nothing but that!

Having said that, as you know he's currently working on just one of those publications - so slowly slowly, step-by-step, we're continuing to unravel all those noteworthy things we are observing!

BTW check this out - not to shabby for a small dive shop on a small island in the middle of the Pacific!

Jaap said...

That is a very impressive record, should be an example for many diveshops! Keep up the good work.