Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nicole on GSD!

What did I tell you!

Nicole is now featured on the GSD website.
Together with Michael, she is one of the preeminent researchers investigating the life history of the NE Pacific GWS which has resulted in several stellar papers e.g. here - and when it comes to her relevance for us in the Shark Diving Industry, she has taken upon herself to document the GWS population of Guadalupe via the Guadalupe Island White Shark Photo-ID Program. The latter is proper long-term monitoring via citizen science and collects invaluable data about that particular GWS population. One of the results of the monitoring is this ever thicker ID book that is an absolute must-have for any Guadalupe aficionado.
Much like our ginormous database, this will provide for insights into the short- and long-term effects of those cage diving operations on the Sharks and possibly, on the environment, and once analyzed and published, eventually inform the operators and management authorities whether there need to be any significant changes to the current protocols, and which ones.
Methinks the answer will be unequivocally not - but then again, who am I to say!

And, you can get to know her.
Shark Diver is once again organizing special research expeditions with Nicole and I'm quite confident that assuming that she has the time, she will agree to host the same on selected expeditions by GSD member Nautilus. Having secretly partaken in one last year, I can only highly recommend them - because of the science but also because Nicole is one helluva nice lady! :)

So, what are you waiting for - those things get sold out in no time at all!


Shark Diver said...

Thanks Mike, I really appreciate your support!

DaShark said...

Machi doch gaern!