Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shark Skool!

"The learning curve"??? Source.

The guy who runs the course had a big chunk of his left leg ripped off by a Bull Shark a few years ago.
That wasn't reassuring.
But despite of the problematic promotion for Ritter's Sharkitarian snake oil, I must admit that I've really enjoyed this article.
This is really good journalism and apart from that faux pas, I must say that Contenta has certainly done his home work and interviewed a lot of relevant people. His tour de force is exhaustive, erudite and witty, the language compelling, the scope impressive.
Bravo - required reading!

Oh, and have you noticed
  • It was the fault of the spotter.
    Not of some idiot who chose to wade around, bare-legged, among feeding Bull Sharks.
  • And after having trained with the Caribbean Reefies, the idiot is going diving with GWS in Lupe. Cageless = illegally. With paying customers, among which a self-professed Suicide Diver! Because Sharks are harmless! (And only want to hug!)
    You just can't make this shit up can you!
And since we're at it.
Other news alert me that he's giving a presentation. This Friday. At a university! About his latest research project!

But, do read that article!


PT Barnum said...

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Bahamas...a very large Bull Shark is farting out the last remains of Ritters Leg after a prolonged and satisfying period of "digestion and reflection."

Tis' the problem with sharks and men.

The attraction to the animal is more often than not nothing more than a gateway to a 1000 watt "Stage of Stupidity," as made evident by so many simply pathetic individuals in the shark space.


Methinks not.





PT Barnums Ghost said...

"Ivory-towered academics who jealously reject what he calls his debunking of myths" - mmmm, yes, but not ONE of these "ivory-towered academics" are missing a massive chunk of leg from a man made shark attack.

Tell you something about Herr Doctors methods? It should.

Not since the death of PT Barnum, who once said of people who fell for scams he invented, "there's a sucker born every minute" did anyone come as close to perfecting Barnums creed as Erich Ritter.

A leg bite that massive should have closed any normal persons career with sharks, but like PT Barnum (who never let a good freak show go unrealized), Ritter has re-invented himself as the "Great Shark Whisperer" gladly taking money from modern day suckers and media folks alike.

Why focus on an industry laughingstock when there's a myriad of serious shark diving industry pioneers and veterans who have accomplished much, and still have all their limbs to prove it?

Dr Proboscis said...

Just a minute. Why is Dr Ritter wearing a bra?

You mean... ...You mean he has boobies?

No wonder the shark was confused.

Lancelot fFrench said...

I have seen Dr Ritter wearing his bra at Walker's Cay. It lifts and separates well.

Dr Ritter is embarrassed he has boobs and pretends it is a heart monitor for recording his pulse when he is in with the sharks. Then he pretends he is doing science when the sharks don't (or do!!!) bite him.

I know, I know. Utterly ridiculous. But better than having to admit he has boobs.

DaShark said...


4:35 - Recommendation: Withdrawing (slowly)!


Lancelot fFrench said...

'4:35 - Recommendation: Withdrawing (slowly)!'

Perhaps he's Catholic.

DaShark said...


PT Barnums Ghost said...

No, he's an "Idiot" not a "Catholic," it's an offshoot of Catholicism.

He's a high priest of his Diocese.

The Bra is a part of the vestments his religion wears for sacred stunts with sharks, like Mormon Undies, or the sharpened Penis Bone some Animist Cults walk about with on display.

Seriously, the utter lack of understanding this blog and its people have for Mr Ritters religion is simply stunning.

Being an "Idiot" is a high calling from God, one must respect an "Idiot".

jsd said...

More pearls of wisdom from Ritter here

Is he now claiming to be at the University of West Florida (having previously claimed to be a faculty professor at 2 other universities)?

Meanwhile he tells us the gws isn't dangerous (fingers crossed one at Guadalupe proves him - and not one of the suckers in his retinue - wrong) and that the best thing to do when a shark swims up to you is nothing (in contradiction to the different advice on his website video).

"There's absolutely no fear when you see a shark. The best thing I always suggest is stop moving. I mean, don't try to swim away, don't try to walk away. Just do nothing and let the animal, if it happens, let the animal come close and check you out. But I guarantee you, nothing's going to happen."

Stand still?

Like this, you mean?