Friday, June 27, 2014

Flipping GWS - Mental Midgetry?

Old news... GWS in tonic. Source.

So now it's official.
Eli has been trying to flip a GWS - obviously, illegally, and meticulously recorded by the king of Shark porn! For the Sharks, no doubt!
And I cite.
Tedium is a black mistress, watching those with a predisposition for both moral and mental midgetry perform tricks with underwater wildlife is the highest form of tedium. 
Indeed, and then some!
Which begs the question, what is one to do when one's pal continues to behave like an idiot - maybe tell him, and this lovingly, to stop behaving like an idiot?

So there!


Lancelot fFrench said...

It's lucky Napoleon is dead. Otherwise he'd have an Eli Martinez complex.

Yo, Whose Gotta Complex? said...

Hmmmm, Sir Lancelot may be on to
something as Napoleon was a:

"French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the latter stages of the French Revolution and its associated wars in Europe, he was 5'3"

While Eli Martinez is a:

"Stunt riding shark fellow who rose to prominence during the latter stages of the Shark Revolution and its associated looney, unsustainable, media moments with sharks, he is 5'3"

The parallels are quite educating...I also believe ABC2, who also enjoys doing "odd things to sharks for money" is 5'5.

Thus, we may conclude that small statured men have "complex complexes" that are often assuaged by doing stupid things to sharks for money, notoriety and Facebook likes.

Or in Napoleons day, making war on the rest of the planet.