Sunday, June 08, 2014

Californian GWS - no Listing!

Already sufficiently protected - Californian GWS. Source.

So this is it.

And I cite.
Renowned shark expert and Mill Valley resident John McCosker said the commission made the correction decision, saying new data will be out soon corroborating the higher population. 
"We are seeing more attacks on marine mammals indicating the numbers are up," he said. "It's important that you protect animals that need protection and not your favorites. There are too many of them to consider them for the list."
Shame on Oceana, Center for Biological Diversity and Sea Stewards for having squandered so many resources = theirs, those of the donors and those of the authorities, on a non issue instead of investing them in something really important and productive.

And the really bad news?
The frothy conservation BS is not likely to abate anytime soon!
To be continued no doubt!

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